Spring, Easter, and now Mothers Day

Easter came after the first day of spring this year…and we are just starting to feel like we’re having that first day of spring. 
As we have been cleaning and re-arranging the store, we keep finding Easter eggs.  It seems that someone was having their own “Easter Egg Hunt” at Mini Bazaar.  Actually, it’s probably just us, but we just keep finding them.  There is something fun about egg hunts.  I don’t remember participating in egg hunts as a child, but I remember boiling hoards of eggs and coloring them to contribute to the cause when my kids were little.  Then on the Saturday morning before Easter, we’d head to the community park for the hunt.  Egg hunts have evolved since then….now instead of finding chipped up hard boiled eggs, we find plastic eggs filled with candy and sometimes cash.  Fun.
I don’t remember the last time Easter was just two weeks apart from Mothers Day, but here we are.  I haven’t even visited the nursery yet looking at all the beautiful pots for Mothers Day, but I certainly hope to go before this weekend.  That’s one of my favorite things.
We’re almost ready with our Mothers Day/Summer displays at Mini Bazaar, too.  It should be a great weekend!

I’m just sending out our email for this show with coupon’s attached, and even posted on Facebook.   Okay, Mothers Day….ready or not! 
Mini Bazaar hours…Fridays and Saturdays…..May, June, and July  10am-5pm