We’re Still Here! (in this winter weather)

We thought for sure if we were open for our first Spring show for FIVE weeks, it would surely be warm sometime.  Nope.
We are beginning our 5th week on Wednesday….April 7th….and it’s Bazaar Buck Week.
Don’t fret if you’re not ready to use yours, though.  We have another Buck Weekend….June 25th and June 26th. 
We have some of the cutest jewelry…..chains, charms, etc.  Definitely worth a look.
And hair bows and accessories galore……….for girls of any age.
We have been getting more freight, too….. so there’s always something new at Mini Bazaar.
Slip on your jacket….or your winter coat and venture out!! 
p.s.  I got my grow a head going, and he is looking so cute.  I’ll bring him on Wednesday.