Springtime Brings us Such A Nice Surprise…….

Maybe this tune is running through my head from some remnant of Sunday, or maybe it’s the weather.  In any case, I can’t quit humming it.  I also like to watch kids sing this song. Kids are just funny.  We’ve had the opportunity to have all of our grandkids visit us during this past month, and it was so fun.  I pretty much missed getting a picture of all of them together, but just to give you an idea, here they are. 
As you can see the boys have the girls outnumbered by quite a bit, but these girls know how to hold their own.  The kids enjoy each other so much, that it’s fun to get everybody all together. We enjoy our grandkids a ton. 
Speaking of getting together, I’ve got to get “it” together and be ready for our “spring/summer” bazaar dates.  We start on April 30th, and go every Friday and Saturday through June 26th.  We think the weekends are going to be great. 
We will begin this show with our “mother’s day” gift for each customer.  The 2nd weekend is the Music Club’s annual home tour.  We will have the tickets for sale at the bazaar. This is always a fun event for mothers, daughters, sisters, husbands and friends. 
We hope that springtime is bringing you some nice surprises and look forward to seeing you at Mini Bazaar!