Loving the Weather

I am loving this weather. I spent the day yesterday planting the pots and boxes around our home with flowers from our local nursery. All of my kids love to go there and enjoy the beauty. I come from a long line of begonia lovers, and orange are my favorite. Such fun. Anyway, I sure hope it doesn’t freeze now. It’s just so refreshing to have so many beautiful warm days.
At Mini Bazaar, I thought it would be fun to spot light our helpers. I have to catch them to get a picture, but I’ll do my best.
Today, I’ll do Grace.
Her name is Grace Smith. She is my younger sister (# 5 out of 6 girls).
She graduated from West Jeff. High School in Terreton, ID, and also from Ricks College. She attended BYU in Provo pursuing a degree in elementary education. She is great with little kids. They love her. Grace is married to Bruce Smith and they have one son and three daughters. Their son is an electrician/hay broker, one daughter has a degree in elementary education, one has an accounting degree, and one is in the nursing program now at BYUI. She has almost 8 grandchildren.
Grace is dependable and fun for all of us. She truly cares about people and has made many friends while working at Mini Bazaar. She is a clean nut, so she keeps the counter cleaned off and keeps things tidy when she’s there. We truly appreciate that.
Thank you for all of your help at Mini Bazaar, Grace!!
Don’t forget to come see us at Mini Bazaar, Saturdays during June & July. 10am-4pm

mother’s day hasn’t been canceled

(this is my mom)
With everything that has been in the news as of late; bank problems, swine flu problems, etc., etc., I remembered something to look forward to! …. Mothers Day….

I love Mother’s Day. In addition to receiving some great gifts myself, I get to think of the kind and good mothers that my daughters are. But, I especially love thinking about my own sweet Mom. She is a gem. She raised 6 daughters and taught us just about everything that she knew. (I wish I would have been a better student, but I learned all that I could) Her talents include sewing, bread baking, gardening, party planning (she loves a good party), cooking, canning, community service, church service, patience, kindness, willingness, forgivenss, great sense of humor, keeping up a beautiful home, and much more. She has a hard time keeping a secret, but hey, who doesn’t? We plan events all together as much as possible because she has taught us to love each other and most of all to love her. Thanks to my most special MOMIf you knew her, you would love her too. Everybody does!!

Come see us at Mini Bazaar, and find that perfect gift for your lovely Mom, or even somebody else’s mom. They are all special. 
See you soon!