Loving Summer & YES we’re having a SALE!

I do love the summer in Idaho! It’s plenty warm, but the flowers around town and in my yard are so beautiful. There’s a darling purple flower as you drive into Zion’s Bank out past the hospital that I really want to get next year. The gardeners of Idaho Falls have done themselves proud.
I also love to see the kids playing in the summer and just enjoying their time away from school. It’s just good to see them having fun.
We have got the best sale planned for our customers on Saturday, August 1st. It’s going to be a parking lot sale and will be open from 10am-4pm. We’ll set up our tents outside and will have great deals clear through the store. You won’t want to miss this one, and I’m not even kidding!
Now, for our “Meet the Staff at Mini” series.

Today, let’s talk about Geri Zollinger. You’ll see her working hard at Mini Bazaar, both at the registers and in the freight room, dealing with our never ending freight. Geri is so pleasant and willing and soooo patient. Her patience may have developed from raising her family of 7 children. Geri is married to Steve Zollinger, who works at the college in Rexburg. Geri and Steve have their first son Kellen, then their triplets, Morgan, Matt, and Megan, then Greg, Kate, and little Jenna. (along with four grandchildren)
Geri has sold hand sewn items at Mini Bazaar since the 2nd year we were in business, before any of her children were born. She never missed a season, including the year that her triplets were born. She’s an amazing person, taking time to exercise and working hard every single day. She travels a lot with her husband and with her family and still makes time to sew and bake for her family and neighbors. Wow, I’m getting tired just writing about all that Geri accomplishes. We appreciate all of Geri’s hard work and enjoy the time we get to spend with her. (I even named our youngest daughter Geri, just hoping to get someone like her in our family)
Thanks Geri!