JULY 2010

We had a great “Bazaar Bucks” weekend.  Fun to see everybody and all the bucks!  Wow, good job guys!  I always tell my husband, “Getting a good deal is like giving a woman oxygen”.  It’s sure true for me!
July is almost here and we’ve decided that we want to hang out at the store on Fridays and Saturdays during July, too.  Our Fall and Christmas freight is arriving, so we need to spend more time at the store anyway.  So, see you at Mini on Fridays and Saturdays beginning July 3rd….ending July 31st..10am-5pm
We’re closing an hour earlier because it’s summer and time to play! (or work in the yard)


It’s that wonderful time when we get to redeem bazaar bucks this weekend.  June 25 and June 26, 10am-6pm.  I love these days because everybody loves to get a good deal.  We are excited to see everyone and just have a fun weekend.  It’s even supposed to be good weather!  (isn’t it?)
By the way, this is a pot on our front porch last year on the 4th.  I’m afraid that it’ll be a fat chance that my flowers will be that mature this year.  And I am sad about that.  It’s just got to get hot a day or two for everything to grow. 
Oh well, let’s just go shopping!