Shopping Lists

When we are cleaning up at Mini Bazaar, we often find little bits of paper with someone’s shopping list written on it. I guess they must just fall from a pocket or maybe while pulling something out of a purse. Some of the shopping lists are long and some are short. I think we came across my favorite one this week. This is how it went:

1. something for Ralph
2. something for Kent
3. something for Louise
4. something for Beaulah
5. something for myself

For some reason this made me giggle.
A woman after my own heart!

We Are Ready For Christmas

It’s true…..We are ready for Christmas. It has taken nearly every day since we closed in October, but we made it. The displays that Sylvia has created are beautiful and Denise is our artist for the trees and florals. All I can say is WoW!

We really didn’t know how much merchandise to order this season and have been sad to find out that some of our favorites are all ready sold out for the season. I guess our suppliers weren’t sure how much to buy either. Understandable for sure. It’s just a good thing that we got such a large variety. In any case we have the most beautiful Christmas decor ever, and more nativities than ever, too. Wow, we truly have some awesome nativities. And the neighbor/friend gifts!! More than we’ve ever had before. Some great, new items for sure. We are just glad to be surrounded by so many talented people.
We hope you have a great time as the holiday season shopping time starts. I really think that being early cuts the stress….especially as I hear customers talking about being almost done shopping! What?? I never knew people were that organized. Way to go.

Be sure to come in and say hello! We look forward to seeing you.