Savoring the last days of summer!

We have been a bit too warm in the store, but this Indian Summer stuff is pretty fun. We’ve just had so many beautiful days. I’m sure the potato farmers are grateful for that. There is just something so special about enjoying the harvest of a garden….whether it be our own, or someone else’s. By the way, does anybody have any extra zucchini? We have had a request, so I thought I’d pass it on just in case someone is dealing with a boatload.
Savor the last days of summer while wandering our isles. Maybe you’ll want to splurge with your favorite Mini Bazaar treats……we’ve got our delicious standbys; roasted almond nut balls, fresh popcorn balls, sugar cookies, chocolate covered Carmel apples and pretzels, tons of brownies, peanut butter treats, divinity, pumpkin rolls and be sure to check out our fresh pies on Saturdays. So good!
We are enjoying watching the newest looks for the harvest season walk out our door with the customers and are excited to see new freight come in each day. The colors of fall are “feel good” just like the treats of fall, and we are truly feeling good here at Mini Bazaar.
Time to spotlight another one of Mini Bazaar staff. Today, I’d like to introduce Denise Hardy.
She is a one of a kind person that is such fun at our store. Her infectious laughter and fun sense of humor is simply a joy. Denise is an incredibly busy person so we feel lucky to snag her for a day or two here and there. Her floral design abilities are amazing.
Denise comes from a great family in Springfield near Aberdeen and has a brother and 3 sisters. She and her husband live in the foothills of Firth, where she stays busy with her family, grandchildren, and her church work. She and her sister, Shelley, have a painting/home decorating business that keeps them hopping, too. Denise is fun loving and very warm hearted and we love having her here at Mini Bazaar.