Still loving green!

     I know that I mentioned green in our note before we opened in March, but when spring arrives, I just crave green….so much that I have to bring it inside the house, too.  (Although, I must admit, that I’ve been taking the robins nest out of the wreath on our front door, every time they build it this year.  I don’t really like the white streaks down the door that they leave behind.  So much for the cute little baby birdies.)  
     We’ve got great green in our moss mats, small pots, and of course our ornamental balls.  Green is great!  We’re patiently waiting for more freight to arrive before we open on May 4th, and also bringing out the fun summer merchandise.  I know I say it for every season, but it’s just such an exciting time of year, and this may be my favorite.
     On a personal note, we are so excited for our son-in-law, Jason.  He has finally received his call to go for his evaluation at Duke in NC, in preparation for his lung transplant.  He is truly an inspiration to all of us, and actually anyone that meets him…including his doctor in LA.  It’s going to be a long hard road ahead, but he’s ready.  
     So, come on summer.  We are ready.  Mothers Day, Graduation, Fathers Day, Weddings, Baseball, 4th of July, whatever.  We love this time of year.
Summer hours….Fridays and Saturdays   10am-5pm   through July 28th