Is anyone else having trouble writing the year, 2010?  For some reason this one is tough for me.  Anyway, the new 2010 merchandise that we saw at market is great.  We had such a tough time narrowing down what we should get as we’ve found that our eyes are bigger than our store sometimes. 
It just amazes me how fresh the spring colors look to me every spring and the birds….oh my goodness, the birds.  They are showing up everywhere and I just love them.
I’d have to say between the birds, the bags, and the jewelry, it was hard to concentrate on our 2010 Christmas’ orders.  We got the job done, and we’ll be excited for that to arrive later this summer.
Anyway, we are ready to put away the holiday merchandise and get ready for spring.  We’ve had two trucks all ready, so we’d better get moving a little faster.  (it’s just so hard when we’re cold, though)
We open for our 5 week spring show on March 10th.  It’s right around the corner, and like I said, it’s going to be great!
see you in the isles real soon.