Mini Bazaar’s Christmas Spectaculor

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Christmas 2013 at Mini Bazaar is simply magical.  
We are thrilled to share our beautiful displays with you. 
 We have more trees than ever and have Christmas from floor to ceiling!
  Come in and see us this week beginning Wednesday, Nov. 6th. 
 The great selection of gifts to go are all bagged and ready…
and can I say, we’ve got TONS?    
The trees are trimmed and our isles are full…
so make your Christmas list and come on in. 
If we counted right there’s just 50 days until Christmas! 
 The holidays are truly right around the corner,
and we feel like Christmas 2013 will be the best yet!  Come and enjoy the fun!
Nov. 6th-Dec.14th
Wednesday through Saturday
except Thanksgiving weekend…just Friday and Saturday
Speaking of Thanksgiving, we do have a lovely Thanksgiving display
 prepared for your last minute needs as well.  
We look so forward to seeing you!
 Your friends at Mini Bazaar
Mini Bazaar & Co.
765 S. Capital
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402
Santa under glass cloche

Santa under glass cloche


The Good Stuff

This time of year, we see some of the best stuff!  Customers buying gifts for their friends and family of course, but I loved it when a little girl sang Christmas Carols yesterday in the store, as her mother shopped.  A tiny bit off key, but so sweet.  Then the Mom that brought in her wheel chair bound son, and moved his wheelchair to different areas so he could see the beauty of Christmas as she shopped.  Sometimes we get to help in carrying out great surprises and it’s just fun.  Christmas does bring out the best in people, and it’s just good to see it.  Truly the best time of the year.