Memorial Day weekend is here!

I love Memorial Day weekend.  We always stay pretty close to home on this particular holiday….making sure the yard and garden are looking good, then heading off to local cemeteries to honor those that have gone on before us.  It has just always been a good day for me.  It’s also the time of year that means that summer is sure to come and I do love summer in Idaho.  The warm days and cool nights are simply the best. 
It seems like as soon as Memorial Day gets here, the 4th of July is right behind.  Another great summer day.  (if it’s not too windy)
We have some fun things for summer at Mini Bazaar.  The insulated bags and our new bowls for salads or chips are great for picnics and parties.  Be sure to stop in and see us on Friday and Saturday through June. 10am-6pm.