Summer is almost HERE!

BettyWe are so excited to have summer approaching and we love summer in Idaho…..(well, usually….this wind, not so much)!  It’s almost time to put out our Red, White, and Blue, too!                                                                                                                          We, at Mini Bazaar are proud and thankful to be Americans and anxiously wait for July 4th to roll around.  We thought we would start this year by offering our 4th of July characters, buy 1 get one for 1/2 off!   These darling Janene Mortimer figurines are our new favorite this year.

We hope everyone is enjoying this little snipet of time, when we are working fast and furious in our yards so we can enjoy them all summer.    We’d love for you to take pictures of your beautiful yards and share them with us.  What an exciting time of year.  Enjoy 🙂

Sam America

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