Oh My Goodness!

Halloween was great with the kids looking so dang cute all dressed up.  I just love that!  I was kind of sad that we didn’t get more trick or treaters, but oh well.  I guess we’ll just have to eat all this candy.  My husband was afraid that I was going to buy gross treats, so he put himself in charge and I have to say, he got some good stuff.  Just too much. 🙂 
As always I am amazed that it’s November all ready…..you know, elections and all.  Don’t think I’m going to be an all night news watcher tonight or anything, but I did go vote.  And so did all my kids.  Civic duty done.
But, you really should see all the boxes we have moved into the store.  Sylvia is back in town and is just like a magican, finding space to insert the merchandise.  We have until the 10th to get it ready, and it’s lookin’ good!

See you soon at Mini Bazaar.  Nov. 10—Dec. 18.  Wed. – Sat. 10am-6pm

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