Oh, FALL….You are fabulous!

don't let the spiders in!

don’t let the spiders in!


It’s true…..Fall is simply fabulous!  I have to admit, fall is my favorite, and we at Mini Bazaar have got a CRUSH on orange.  The oranges in our displays of new merchandise go from electric to mellow and we love them all.  We’ve got pumpkins, gourds and florals that will wake up your longings for crisp evenings and cooler days for sure.  Even though, we’ve always had a thing for gold, it is back with a vengeance in the home decor world.  Whether you want to do a big splash or a small glint in your room, now is your chance.  Of course, we’ve got plenty of glass and lots of lanterns to fill your tired areas with your odes to autumn.  Our new furniture, art, clocks and mirrors are a must see.   We’ve don’t remember being so excited to introduce a new season as FALL 2014!

Can’t wait for September 3rd.

Fall schedule:  Wed.-Sat.  10am-6pm

Sept. 3rd through Oct. 11th, 2014

lantern in urn fall arrangement

lantern in urn fall arrangement

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