Christmas is coming soon….at Mini Bazaar

Merry Christmas Santa

Merry Christmas Santa

Mini Bazaar will present our “Ode to Christmas 2014” on November 5th.

This season will continue, Wednesdays through Saturdays, Nov. 5th through Dec. 13th.  (just Friday and Saturday on Thanksgiving weekend.)

We have declared 2014’s Christmas collection to be our best ever, and the MOST ever as well.

Once again, our eyes were bigger than our store when we were collecting this seasons merchandise, so you will want to stop by often in order to see everything.  We’ve simply got more than we can display at one time.  Come and enjoy what we have prepared for you.   We also have some lovely Thanksgiving items, and we are so very thankful for our wonderful customers.  We hope you enjoy this beginning to an awesome holiday season!

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