September is Almost Here

It’s a rainy August morning, and we’re getting used to the idea of fall coming.  I really do love the change of seasons we get here in Idaho, but I always want to hang on to summer just a little.  The flowers and the garden are just hard to be done with.

But, fall and it’s majestic colors are coming and I love them.  Especially the way they look at Mini Bazaar.  I really can’t wait!

We feel like we’ve been racing to get all traces of summer packed up and turning right around to haul in fall.  (And can I mention how hot it’s been?  I know I promised not to complain, so I’ll stop right there.) It’s so much work, but when Sylvia gets everything displayed, it’s all worth it. (she is truly amazing)
Sept. 8th is our big opening day.

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