We Celebrated our 30th year!

Mini Bazaar turned 30 this year!  We had a little celebration our opening week in September and it was so fun.  Things have changed so much since year 1, but we find it so awesome that we have some of the same customers (and their daughters and granddaughters now) that we started out with in 1980.  Millie and I thought we’d be done with Mini Bazaar before we got old, but OOPS, not done! 
Since the last post things have been very interesting for me.  On the evening of Aug. 30th, my husband, Jay,  started to feel a lot of lower chest pain, and to make a VERY long story short, he had a ruptured esophagus.  Of course my attention went from Mini Bazaar’s opening day in September to my husband, suffering in the ICU at EIRMC.  After a couple of weeks there, and after being incredibly blessed, he showed great signs of improvement, thank goodness!  And, thanks to the diligent and faithful workers at Mini Bazaar, we were prepared for opening day with fall galore.  I’m still pretty sure that these colors are my favorite.  The fall colors just have me.  The displays at Mini Bazaar are just beautiful.

So, as some of the signs at the store say…..”Life Is Good”.  Jay is home healing for another month, and our world is starting to get back to normal.  We have more new furniture arriving this week at the store, fall is in full swing, and I even got to freeze some corn from the garden.  Fall is a such a busy time for everybody, but it’s just such a good time.  I just love these warm fall days and noticing all the harvest going on around us feels good.  Fall is great, don’t you think?

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