September is Almost Here

It’s a rainy August morning, and we’re getting used to the idea of fall coming.  I really do love the change of seasons we get here in Idaho, but I always want to hang on to summer just a little.  The flowers and the garden are just hard to be done with.

But, fall and it’s majestic colors are coming and I love them.  Especially the way they look at Mini Bazaar.  I really can’t wait!

We feel like we’ve been racing to get all traces of summer packed up and turning right around to haul in fall.  (And can I mention how hot it’s been?  I know I promised not to complain, so I’ll stop right there.) It’s so much work, but when Sylvia gets everything displayed, it’s all worth it. (she is truly amazing)
Sept. 8th is our big opening day.

Made It!

We made it through July and our 91 + degree days.  Oh, what we wouldn’t do for an air conditioner these last 2 weeks.  Wow…  In addition to just being uncomfortable for our customers and ourselves….it’s just amazing what these temperatures do to my hair.  I wish I looked as nice as this young lady, but believe me, I know I don’t.  I’ve never looked too good in wet hair. 
Anyway, in addition to the heat, we are receiving our fall freight, and it is bulging out of our freight room.  I truly hate to say goodbye to summer merchandise when it’s still summer, but the fall merchandise is looking super good.  Even though I’ve been at this business for 30 years now, I still get so excited for the new season to begin.   So…..for the next few weeks we will be cleaning, painting, pricing, etc. etc. and working on the transformation from spring/summer to fall.  (probably my favorite color palette)
The construction on Capital Ave. should wrap up by Sept. 1st, and we are still in hopes of seeing sidewalks down our way.  We’ll see if that happens.  If not….maybe next time.
Hope everyone makes some time to have some fun this summer.  It’s never quite long enough, so enjoy! 
We’ll be up and going again by September 8th…..
I am truly enjoying my flowers….have to brag just a little so I took this pic.

JULY 2010

We had a great “Bazaar Bucks” weekend.  Fun to see everybody and all the bucks!  Wow, good job guys!  I always tell my husband, “Getting a good deal is like giving a woman oxygen”.  It’s sure true for me!
July is almost here and we’ve decided that we want to hang out at the store on Fridays and Saturdays during July, too.  Our Fall and Christmas freight is arriving, so we need to spend more time at the store anyway.  So, see you at Mini on Fridays and Saturdays beginning July 3rd….ending July 31st..10am-5pm
We’re closing an hour earlier because it’s summer and time to play! (or work in the yard)


It’s that wonderful time when we get to redeem bazaar bucks this weekend.  June 25 and June 26, 10am-6pm.  I love these days because everybody loves to get a good deal.  We are excited to see everyone and just have a fun weekend.  It’s even supposed to be good weather!  (isn’t it?)
By the way, this is a pot on our front porch last year on the 4th.  I’m afraid that it’ll be a fat chance that my flowers will be that mature this year.  And I am sad about that.  It’s just got to get hot a day or two for everything to grow. 
Oh well, let’s just go shopping!

Memorial Day weekend is here!

I love Memorial Day weekend.  We always stay pretty close to home on this particular holiday….making sure the yard and garden are looking good, then heading off to local cemeteries to honor those that have gone on before us.  It has just always been a good day for me.  It’s also the time of year that means that summer is sure to come and I do love summer in Idaho.  The warm days and cool nights are simply the best. 
It seems like as soon as Memorial Day gets here, the 4th of July is right behind.  Another great summer day.  (if it’s not too windy)
We have some fun things for summer at Mini Bazaar.  The insulated bags and our new bowls for salads or chips are great for picnics and parties.  Be sure to stop in and see us on Friday and Saturday through June. 10am-6pm. 

Springtime Brings us Such A Nice Surprise…….

Maybe this tune is running through my head from some remnant of Sunday, or maybe it’s the weather.  In any case, I can’t quit humming it.  I also like to watch kids sing this song. Kids are just funny.  We’ve had the opportunity to have all of our grandkids visit us during this past month, and it was so fun.  I pretty much missed getting a picture of all of them together, but just to give you an idea, here they are. 
As you can see the boys have the girls outnumbered by quite a bit, but these girls know how to hold their own.  The kids enjoy each other so much, that it’s fun to get everybody all together. We enjoy our grandkids a ton. 
Speaking of getting together, I’ve got to get “it” together and be ready for our “spring/summer” bazaar dates.  We start on April 30th, and go every Friday and Saturday through June 26th.  We think the weekends are going to be great. 
We will begin this show with our “mother’s day” gift for each customer.  The 2nd weekend is the Music Club’s annual home tour.  We will have the tickets for sale at the bazaar. This is always a fun event for mothers, daughters, sisters, husbands and friends. 
We hope that springtime is bringing you some nice surprises and look forward to seeing you at Mini Bazaar!

We’re Still Here! (in this winter weather)

We thought for sure if we were open for our first Spring show for FIVE weeks, it would surely be warm sometime.  Nope.
We are beginning our 5th week on Wednesday….April 7th….and it’s Bazaar Buck Week.
Don’t fret if you’re not ready to use yours, though.  We have another Buck Weekend….June 25th and June 26th. 
We have some of the cutest jewelry…..chains, charms, etc.  Definitely worth a look.
And hair bows and accessories galore……….for girls of any age.
We have been getting more freight, too….. so there’s always something new at Mini Bazaar.
Slip on your jacket….or your winter coat and venture out!! 
p.s.  I got my grow a head going, and he is looking so cute.  I’ll bring him on Wednesday.

Fun at Mini Bazaar

We truly love our spring merchandise this year.  It has been so fun watching it go out the door for the last two weeks.  We’ve even been able to restock some of it all ready. 
Just about everybody has been adding some of our fun jewelry or a new scarf to their baskets, too.  The accessories this year are absolutely the best.  Oh, and the hair accessories…….  We’ve got some vendors that must be working night and day to keep their displays so full.  So fun for the girls!!

We’re just putting out a really fun gift idea.  Fun little creatures that you grow grass for their hair… (could be related to the late chia heads??  kinda weird, I know, but I promise….Millie’s boys will like ’em)  Very interesting and fun idea geared for about any age.
So, pop by to shop or just say hello.  We’re just so glad to have spring coming!! yea.

Wed. through Sat. through April the 10th.  10am-6pm  Then we will close until we start our Spring Weekends….  Friday and Saturday’s beginning on April 30th and ending on June 26th.  

A Little FYI

I sent a message in an email early in January about the “Simple Life” calendar that we sold at Mini Bazaar during our fall season.  The message was:  the month ofJune has a problem with it. (it says June, but is actually a repeat of May)  We have replacement calendars for anybody that bought their calendar at Mini Bazaar and would like to switch it out.  Please check and see if you need to come in and get yours!  By the way….we have some small plates that match this calendar that are so dang cute.  You’ve gotta see ’em!
We’ll be open Wed-Sat on March 10th-April 10th.  You can contact us at 528-6479 for more info.

It’s almost March!!

We are creating our own spring at Mini Bazaar.  It’s looking so great and we are excited to open on March 10th.  (Wed. – Fri. until April 10th)  We are getting our flyers in the mail this week and are working very hard at the store so you can enjoy spring, too.  Can’t wait!!