This week is our Mom’s 85th birthday.  She is such a fun lady and is such a good friend to every one of her daughters.  (no boys in our family….just 6 girls)  Anyway, we were talking today while we were helping her plant flowers…..yes in the cold and the wind….but anyway… about how much we enjoy each other and our Mom.  We think that women need the companionship of women to get along in this life.  We are so glad that we have each other along with other friends.  The men in our life probably think we’re silly, but it’s just fun to do girl stuff.   We’ll be glad when Millie gets home and she can join in the fun.  Shopping, concerts, shopping, lunches, shopping, etc.  Just the stuff that we think is fun.  Oh, did I mention shopping?  So here’s to all the girl friends, sisters, aunties, daughters and Mom’s in our lives.   Let’s have some fun together!

This is our Mom (on the right) and one of her fun sisters.  We adore all of her sisters, too.  We have had lots of fun with them over the years, along with our cousins.  They are kind of a “lets have a party” type gals.  When summer comes, I hope everybody grabs a friend and heads out to do some fun girl stuff!  It seems like Mini Bazaar is a place that we see lots of girl friends and Mom’s and daughters, and we think it’s great.  See ya soon. 


Spring, Easter, and now Mothers Day

Easter came after the first day of spring this year…and we are just starting to feel like we’re having that first day of spring. 
As we have been cleaning and re-arranging the store, we keep finding Easter eggs.  It seems that someone was having their own “Easter Egg Hunt” at Mini Bazaar.  Actually, it’s probably just us, but we just keep finding them.  There is something fun about egg hunts.  I don’t remember participating in egg hunts as a child, but I remember boiling hoards of eggs and coloring them to contribute to the cause when my kids were little.  Then on the Saturday morning before Easter, we’d head to the community park for the hunt.  Egg hunts have evolved since then….now instead of finding chipped up hard boiled eggs, we find plastic eggs filled with candy and sometimes cash.  Fun.
I don’t remember the last time Easter was just two weeks apart from Mothers Day, but here we are.  I haven’t even visited the nursery yet looking at all the beautiful pots for Mothers Day, but I certainly hope to go before this weekend.  That’s one of my favorite things.
We’re almost ready with our Mothers Day/Summer displays at Mini Bazaar, too.  It should be a great weekend!

I’m just sending out our email for this show with coupon’s attached, and even posted on Facebook.   Okay, Mothers Day….ready or not! 
Mini Bazaar hours…Fridays and Saturdays…..May, June, and July  10am-5pm

February 21

We’ve been working like crazy at the store.   
Packing up Christmas went really quick, and we’re working like crazy on setting up spring.  Kinda weird to be around all the tulips and geraniums, chicks and bunnies, 
then step outside to more snow!   
Oh well, it’s happened before, and it will probably happen again. 
We have had a lot of fun with the new merchandise and hope that someday, 
kinda soon, it will be spring.
show starts:
March 16 through April 23
Wednesday through Saturdays
Can’t wait!

It’s a New Year!

We are getting ready to leave for market and have had a couple of requests to look for “just can’t find” items.  I just got wondering if anyone else has something they are looking for and cannot find.  If so….shoot us an email, and we will search.  This trip is a feet, legs, mind, and body killer, but we try to work it like a machine and get it done.  This trip we are mainly buying Christmas 2011, and of course the new everyday items as well.   It’s such an exciting time that we do look forward to, in spite of the hard work.  Off we go to find our best merchandise ever!  (packing Tylenol and plenty of relaxing salts for feet treatment)  See you when we get it all under control when we open up again on March 16th.  (I hope, I hope)

Sale Day….today!

we are having our after Christmas sale today….Dec. 31, 2010.  10am-4pm
I sent the email and placed an ad in the Post Register, but forgot to blog it.  Sorry!
Great sale today!  See you there.
your friends at Mini Bazaar

Dec. 23rd and we’re ready for Christmas

It is such a perfect picture of Christmas here in Idaho Falls.  Everything is covered in white, sparkling snow and it is still slightly falling.  (the roads are a mess, but oh well)
I hope everyone gets to enjoy a wonderful Christmas.  We have had a great time watching all the beautiful decorations going out the door and to homes of their own.  Christmas has got to be the most beautiful time to decorate.

Once in awhile we experience weird things at the store.  This year, the weirdest had to be that someone would steal part of a large nativity.  They even did it over a couple days time, as we noticed a sheep and donkey missing first, then the other sheep a day later.  (Sylvia thought that it seemed kind of like stealing the bible)  
We did get to experience another sweet little girl singing Christmas carols in the store, this year.  She couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4.  It was just so cute that we all had to stop and listen.
As we are finishing up we’d like to take time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.  It’s a beautiful time of year and passes much too quickly.  Enjoy!

Some Favy’s at Mini Bazaaar

Millie thought it would be fun to do some posts on some of our favorites at Mini Bazaar.  If you’ve got a favorite, feel free to send it to me through our website.  I always wish I could see your walls and rooms with the merchandise that you buy from Mini Bazaar. 

This week, I’d have to say that my favorite thing is this little jingle bell/pine garland.  Sylvia says it is like adding false eyelashes to any display.  The strand of bells just makes this ornament or any other extra special.  It is so fun to work with!  We have one tree that is loaded with it, and it’s great. I am off to get started on my tree…  Just love it!

Oh My Goodness!

Halloween was great with the kids looking so dang cute all dressed up.  I just love that!  I was kind of sad that we didn’t get more trick or treaters, but oh well.  I guess we’ll just have to eat all this candy.  My husband was afraid that I was going to buy gross treats, so he put himself in charge and I have to say, he got some good stuff.  Just too much. 🙂 
As always I am amazed that it’s November all ready…..you know, elections and all.  Don’t think I’m going to be an all night news watcher tonight or anything, but I did go vote.  And so did all my kids.  Civic duty done.
But, you really should see all the boxes we have moved into the store.  Sylvia is back in town and is just like a magican, finding space to insert the merchandise.  We have until the 10th to get it ready, and it’s lookin’ good!

See you soon at Mini Bazaar.  Nov. 10—Dec. 18.  Wed. – Sat. 10am-6pm

Bazaar Buck redemption time again!

Wow, it’s that time again.  We’ve had such a gorgeous fall, and the weeks have flown by.  I have to keep reminding myself just what time of year it is, it’s been so pretty outside.   

It’s time to gather up your bazaar bucks and come and enjoy yourself at Mini Bazaar.  Unless of course, you are one that likes to save them until December.  Join us for another beautiful week out shopping!  Oct. 13-16  10am-6pm  Wed-Sat
We will be closing this Saturday until Nov. 10th.  It takes us all that time to move all the Christmas from storage and get it displayed……can’t wait!  Then we’ll be open through Dec. 18th.  Wed.-Sat.
*PLUS, for those that have been asking….Bobbi had her baby on Oct. 2, 2010.  Little Jack weighted 8lbs2oz.
They are doing great.

We Celebrated our 30th year!

Mini Bazaar turned 30 this year!  We had a little celebration our opening week in September and it was so fun.  Things have changed so much since year 1, but we find it so awesome that we have some of the same customers (and their daughters and granddaughters now) that we started out with in 1980.  Millie and I thought we’d be done with Mini Bazaar before we got old, but OOPS, not done! 
Since the last post things have been very interesting for me.  On the evening of Aug. 30th, my husband, Jay,  started to feel a lot of lower chest pain, and to make a VERY long story short, he had a ruptured esophagus.  Of course my attention went from Mini Bazaar’s opening day in September to my husband, suffering in the ICU at EIRMC.  After a couple of weeks there, and after being incredibly blessed, he showed great signs of improvement, thank goodness!  And, thanks to the diligent and faithful workers at Mini Bazaar, we were prepared for opening day with fall galore.  I’m still pretty sure that these colors are my favorite.  The fall colors just have me.  The displays at Mini Bazaar are just beautiful.

So, as some of the signs at the store say…..”Life Is Good”.  Jay is home healing for another month, and our world is starting to get back to normal.  We have more new furniture arriving this week at the store, fall is in full swing, and I even got to freeze some corn from the garden.  Fall is a such a busy time for everybody, but it’s just such a good time.  I just love these warm fall days and noticing all the harvest going on around us feels good.  Fall is great, don’t you think?